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A Glimpse at Humor in the Prophetic Sunnah

Author: Abu al-Hasan Malik Adam al-Akhdar

Publisher: Al-Rahmaniyyah Publishing


Christ in Islam

Author: Ahmed Deedat

ISBN-10: 8174355065

Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors


Hadhrat Musa (Alayhis Salaam) And The Taqdeer Of Allah

Author: Mujlisul Ulama Of South Africa

Publisher: Kutub Khana Ishayat-ul-Islam


Muhammad The Hero As Prophet

Author: Thomas Carlyle

ISBN-10: 8187570180

Publisher: Goodword Books


Nabi's Love For Children

His Teaching And Nurturing Them

Author: Moulana Abu Talha Muhammad Izharul Hasan Mahmood

ISBN-10: 8179471780

Publisher: Millat Book Centre


Nearest Approach to the Messenger of Allah

Author: Allama Mukhdoom Muhammad Hashim Sindhi

Publisher: Zam-Zam Publishers


Prophets In The Qur'an

The Revolutionary Prophets In The Qur'an

Author: Prof. Zia-Ul-Haque

Publisher: Bilal Books



It's Reality & Characteristics

Author: Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan

Publisher: Al-Binaa Publishing


Stories Of The Prophets (Peace be upon them)

Author: Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Isma'il Ibn Kathir Ad-Dimashqi

Publisher: Darussalam Global Leader In Islamic Books


Stories Of The Prophets (Peace be upon them)

Author: Imam Imaduddin Abdul-Fida Isma'il

ISBN-10: 9960892263

Publisher: Darussalam Global Leader In Islamic Books


The Prophet And His Ten Companions

Who Were Promised Paradise

Author: Al-Hafiz Abdul-Ghani al-Maqdisi

ISBN-13: 9781495194368

Publisher: Authentic Statements Publishing


The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

A Simple Guide To His Life

Author: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

ISBN-10: 8178980940

Publisher: Goodword Books


The Prophet Muhammad Stories For Children

Author: Saniyasnain Khan

ISBN-13: 9789351790747

Publisher: Goodword Books


The Prophet Muhammad, The Best Of All Husbands

Author: Dr. Ghazi al-Shammari

ISBN-13: 9786035010276

Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House


The Story of Musa And The Pharaoh

Based on the Qur'anic facts

Author: Dr. Shamn Nikhat

ISBN-10: 8172316143

Publisher: Islamic Book Service


What was the Sign of Jonah

Author: Ahmed Deedat

Publisher: Millat Book Center